Secular Franciscan Order
National Fraternity of Canada


OLOTA Regional Statutes


AUGUST 29, 1998
Signed by Garnet G. Moses, Regional Minister and Kathy Caron, Regional Secretary

Signed by G. Francoise Malbeof, National Minister and Jean-Paul Lacrox, National Secretary

Updated resolutions from Chapter July, 2004
Entered February, 2005 by Judy Zuchetto, SFO

Table of Contents

1. Abrogation

2. Regional Fraternity Definition

3. Regional Council
    3.1 Membership
    3.2 Duties of the Regional Council
        3.2.1 Vacancy of Office
    3.3 Duties of Regional Council Officers
        3.3.1 The Regional Minister
        3.3.2 The Regional Vice-Minister
        3.3.3 The Regional Treasurer
        3.3.4 The Regional Secretary
        3.3.5 The Regional Director of Formation
        3.3.6 The Regional Director of Youth
        3.3.7 The Regional Director of Communications

4. Regional Chapter Elections
    4.1 Convocation
    4.2 Membership in the Chapter of Elections
    4.3 Duties in the Chapter of Elections
    4.4 Delegation
    4.5 Voting Majority
    4.6 Presiding over Chapters
    4.7 Elections
    4.8 Transfer of Records

5. Financial Matters

6. Incompatible Offices

7. Outside the Regional Chapter

8. Amendments


By the present act, the previous Statutes and regulations dated July 12, 1997, are abrogated. (GC6.3, CCL 304)


a)  Our Lady of the Angels Regional Fraternity, herein after referred to as 'the Region', is the organic union of all the local fraternities of the Secular Franciscan Order existing in the civic provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories. (GC29.1, GC61.1)

b)  While respecting the unity of the Secular Franciscan Order, it assures the link between the local fraternities and the National Fraternity.

c) 'The Region' is guided and animated by a Minister and a Council duly elected by the Chapter of Elections. (GC61.3)


3.1 Membership

The Regional Council shall consist of the following offices:
        Spiritual Assistant
        Vice-Ministers for each civil province
        Director of Formation
        Director of Franciscan Youth
        Director for Communications

3.2 Duties of the Regional Council

a)  To implement the decisions of the Regional Chapter of Elections, the National Chapter and the National Council.

b)  To meet at least twice a year, giving each Councilor two months notice in advance with date, location and request for items for the agenda. (GC81.2 )

c)  To deliberate on matters concerning the financial conduct and the economic affairs of 'the Region'.

d)  To make decisions concerning the Fraternal and Pastoral Visitations to fraternities even when not requested.

e)  To provide for the formation of those responsible for animation.

f)  To promote, animate and co-ordinate the life and activities of the Secular Franciscan Order in the local Church within 'the Region'.

g)  To promote, prepare and convoke the Regional Chapter of Elections.

h)  To perform such other duties as are indicated by the General Constitutions and the National Statutes.

    2.3.1 Vacancy of the Office

    a) When the office of Minister becomes vacant, the Regional Council, at it's next meeting, shall proceed to elect, from among the Vice Ministers by secret ballot, a new Minister for the remainder of the term.

    b) If the office of vice-minister becomes vacant, one of the councilors is elected to the office of vice-minister by the council of the fraternity, to serve until the next elective chapter.

    c) When any office of Council becomes vacant, the Regional Council, at the next meeting, shall elect by secret ballot, a new councilor for the remainder of the term.
3.3 Duties of the Regional Council Officers
    3.3.1 The Regional Minister Shall: (GC63.2)

    a) Convoke and preside at the meetings of the Regional Council.
    b) Convoke the Regional Chapter of Elections every three years.
    c) Preside at and confirm the elections of the local fraternities.
    d) Participate in the meetings of the National Council.
    e) In consultation with the Regional Council, request the Pastoral and Fraternal visit from the National Council at least once every three (3) years.
    f) Prepare an annual report for the National Council, and the Regional Councilors. (GC67.2C)
    g) Represent 'the Region' in the civil order whenever necessary.
    h) In the event that the Minister cannot fulfill any of the above duties, he/she may delegate these responsibilities to another member of Regional Council or any other professed member.
    3.3.2 The Regional Vice-Minister Shall:

    a) Attend all Regional Council meetings, and be familiar with the General Constitutions, National Statutes, Regional Statutes, Formation Programs, procedures and rituals.
    b) Preside at the local Fraternity elections and make Fraternal visits when delegated to do so.
    c) Be a liaison between the Regional Council and the local fraternities.
    d) Obtain annual reports from the fraternities.
    e) Provide a progress report on developments in their province at each Regional Council meeting.
    f) Assist in the formation of new fraternities and ensure their development towards canonical establishment.
    3.3.3 The Regional Treasurer Shall:

    a) Be responsible for maintaining the financial affairs of 'the Region', so that interim statements of financial position can be provided when called for.
    b) Produce a statement for each regional meeting and prepare a full report and budget for the Regional Chapter.
    c) Ensure that all expenses are paid by cheque carrying two signatures and that each cheque is identified with a corresponding explanatory voucher.
    d) Ensure that upon termination of office, all monies and all properties of 'the Region' shall be transferred to the successor.
    3.3.4 The Regional Secretary Shall:

    a) Record the minutes of every Regional meeting and ensure that each councilor receives a copy within sixty days of the meeting.
    b) Perform other secretarial duties as required by the Regional Council.
    3.3.5 The Regional Director of Formation Shall:

    a) Record the minutes of every Regional meeting and ensure that each councilor receives a copy within sixty days of the meeting.
    b) Perform other secretarial duties as required by the Regional Council.
    3.3.6 The Regional Director of Youth Shall:

    a) Encourage fraternities to be proactive in sharing Franciscan life and Franciscan spirituality with youth.
    b) Share though out 'the Region' the results of youth related projects/programs being done by local fraternities.
    c) Encourage youth participation within the Secular Franciscan Order as is outlined in the General Constitutions of the SFO.
    3.3.7 The Regional Director for Communications Shall:

    a) Set up and maintain a web site
    b) Set up and keep an active prayer line with all fraternities involved.
    c) Keep all members of prayer line informed as to sick members of 'the Region' who have asked for prayers.
    d) Disseminate information between the Regional Council and fraternities about the working of the Regional Council.
    e) Disseminate news though out 'the Region'.


4.1 Convocation

a) After consultation with the Regional Council, the Minister shall convoke the Chapter of Elections at least once every three (3) years. The Minister, in consultation with the Council, may also convoke intermediate Chapters (spiritual and orientation) as required. (GC63.2a)

b) Written notice shall be forwarded to the local Ministers, at least six (6) months before the Chapter. (N.S 4.6)

4.2 Membership in the Chapter of Elections

The Chapter shall comprise of:
     the members of the Regional Council
     the local Fraternity Ministers
     local Spiritual Assistants
     the voting delegates of the local fraternities

All other Secular Franciscans present at the Chapter may participate fully in the deliberations, at the discretion of the chair.

4.3 Duties of the Chapter of Elections

The Chapter shall be governed by the General Constitutions, the Ritual and the Regional Statutes. (GC62 )

a) Hold the elections of the Regional Minister and the Regional Council.

b) Approve the Regional Statutes and any subsequent amendments, which are then sent to the National Council of the council.

c) Accept the reports from the Regional Spiritual Assistant, the Regional Minister and other members of the council.

d) Study and discuss the development of 'the Region' and other matters of concern to the Secular Franciscan Order.

e) Send a full report of the Chapter to the National Fraternity, all Regional Councilors, the Regional Spiritual Assistant and the local Ministers and Spiritual Assistants.

4.4 Delegation

a) Only permanently professed members of the Secular Franciscan Order may be delegates to the Regional Chapter. The number of voting delegates, each having one decisive vote, shall be determined from the local fraternity membership report of December 31 of the year previous to the Chapter, on the following basis:

50 members or less 1 delegate
51 to 100 members 2 delegates
101 to 150 members 3 delegates
151 to 200 members 4 delegates

b) In addition to the vote of the delegate, the Minister of the local fraternity or a designated alternate, present shall have one vote.

c) Each local Spiritual Assistant, or Animator, or designated alternate, present shall have one vote.

d) Each member of the outgoing Council shall have one vote until the end of the Chapter. If the Council member is also a local Minister, a designated alternate (preferably the Vice-Minister) shall be permitted the vote.

e) The name of the designated alternate must be made in writing and presented prior to the opening of the Chapter.

f) All other persons invited to the Chapter, may have a consultative voice but not a voting voice.

g) Fraternities, that for serious reasons are unable to send a voting delegate and have received permission in writing from the Regional Council, may delegate their voting power to an alternate Secular Franciscan of another fraternity.

4.5 Voting Majority

An absolute majority (50% + 1) of the voting members is required for each decision of the Chapter.

4.6 Presiding over Chapters

a) The National Minister, or his/her delegate, shall preside over the Chapter of Elections.

b) The Regional Minister presides over all other Chapters.

4.7 Elections

a) At least four (4) months prior to the Chapter of Elections, the Regional Council shall appoint a Nominations Committee and Chairperson to gather nominations to fill the position of: (CCL 164, N.S. 9.1.6)
        Regional Minister
        Vice-Ministers for each of the civil provinces
        Secretary Treasurer
        Director of Formation
        Director of Franciscan Youth
        Director for Communications

b) Nomination records shall include the following information:
        the name and signature of the nominator
        the name and signature of the seconder
        the written consent of the nominee.

c) Nominations from the floor shall be accepted provided all the above-mentioned records are submitted.

d) The Nominating Committee shall be dissolved on completion of the elections.

e) The Vice-Ministers shall be nominated by professed members of the same civil province. Nominees must be residents of the said province.

f) Elections shall be held in accordance of the National Statutes. (CCL 173, GC 76)

4.8 Transfer or Records

At the end of their term, the out-going members of the Regional Council shall hand over all records to the newly elected officers within thirty (30) days or at such time as is mutually agreed upon by both parties


a) The fiscal year shall extend from January 1 through December 31.

b) All cheques and money orders payable to 'the Region' are to be payable to "Our Lady of the Angels Regional Fraternity".

c) All monies received by 'the Region' shall be deposited in the name of "Our Lady of the Angels Regional Fraternity".

d)'The Region' is supported by each local Fraternity remitting a proportional contribution for each professed member and candidate according to Article 25 of the Rule. This is to be included with the filing of the census forms by January 31 each year. The Regional Council will recommend an appropriate contribution to cover the expenses for the coming year.

e) Visitation expenses for the Spiritual Assistant, Regional Minister and Vice-Ministers will be paid from the Regional Fraternity Common Fund.

f) An annual review of the financial records shall be conducted by a person appointed by the Regional Council.


The following are incompatible: (GC82 )
a) The office of Minister at two different levels,
b) The offices of Minister, Vice-Minister, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Formation at the same time.


The interpretation of these statutes shall be the responsibility of the Regional Council. Such interpretation made outside the Chapter shall remain binding until the next Chapter.


a) The Regional Council has the authority to make provisional amendments to these Statutes. The amendments are subject to the approval of the next Regional Chapter.

b) These Statutes may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the delegates present at the Regional Chapter.

c) All amendments and resolutions must be submitted to the regional Council at least four months in advance of the Chapter and will be circulated by the Regional Council three months before a Chapter.

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