Secular Franciscan Order
National Fraternity of Canada


Secular Franciscans Participate in World Peace Forum

Françoise Malboeuf, National Vice Minister for Francophone and David Bouchard, International Counselor, attended many interesting sessions at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver from June 23-28, 2006.

Andrew Conradi coordinated a team of volunteers from the fraternities in British Columbia to provide information about peace initiatives within the Franciscan family.

A display table with a variety of information was present in the Peace Market each day. Pins with the logo, ‘Violence Ends Where Love Begins’ and a fridge magnet with the logo, ‘Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace’ were sold for $1.50 each. Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Chocolate were also being sold to promote an awareness of the need to offer fair prices for products purchased from developing countries.

Each evening at 5:30 p.m. the Secular Franciscans and the Canadian Religious Conference coordinated evening prayer at St. Mark’s Chapel.

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