Secular Franciscan Order
National Fraternity of Canada


National Commission on Justice and Peace in Canada
– English section, Jan 3, 2000

“Let them individually and collectively be in the forefront in promoting justice by the testimony of their human lives and their courageous initiatives. Especially in the field of public life, they should make definite choices in harmony with their faith.”

- Rule15


Goal 1:

Affirm and challenge the Secular brothers and sisters in their efforts to re-explore and re-think the basics of the Rule (e.g. the sacraments, prayer, scripture, poverty, penance) from the perspective of peace and justice.


A. Request all regions to focus on and/or include discussion of peace and justice, as a fundamental aspect of Christian life and the Franciscan charism, at all workshops and retreats they conduct during the year, and ask that all local fraternities do the same.

B. Develop a list of qualified speakers/presenters who could reflect with the brothers and sisters on our charism of peace, penance and conversion, as it applies to the present historical and cultural situations in our country and world.

C. Request that all provinces and fraternities make liaison with their friar counterparts and communities of Franciscan religious women, to arrange for Seculars to take part in their workshops/retreats which relate to the basic issues of peace and justice, and also to invite the friars and Sisters to participate in Secular workshops/retreats.

D. Request that all fraternities make liaison with fraternities of other provinces functioning in the same geographic areas to arrange interprovincial/interfraternal
participation in workshops and retreats where peace and justice is a focus.

E. Develop a list of resource material: films, tapes, books and articles, that can be utilized by the brothers and sisters to further their understandlng and appreciation of the Franciscan Vision of peace and justice.

Goal 2:

Help with the ongoing identification of systems which deny human dignity and freedom, and adopt focused and non-violent confrontation of those systems as an aspect of Secular Franciscan ministry at the national, provincial, regional and local levels.


A. Challenge each region and fraternity council to enter into a process of discernment leading to consensus (corporate stance) to confront one or two issue areas (e.g. hunger, unemployment, homelessness, nuclearism) which are unjust and/or threaten peace.
B. Request that each region confer with its member fraternities to develop a plan whereby every fraternity will be challenged to assist in the development and enfleshing of the corporate stance of the province at the local level.

Goal 3:

Encourage the Secular brothers and sisters to collaborate fully in the peace and justice work and mission plan of the local church.


A. Request that all fraternities select peace and justice ministers to serve as liaisons to the National Commission on Peace and Justice in their regions.

B. Specifically ask all fraternity peace and justice ministers to make liaison with their diocesan peace and justice offices and recommend ways in which the fraternity can support the work of the diocese for peace and justice. When there are several fraternities within a diocesan jurisdiction, their peace and justice ministers are called to collaborate and confer to determine how best to maintain the liaison with the diocese. Particular emphasis should be placed on applying the social teachings of the Church to the local situation.

C. In areas where there is no formal diocesan peace and justice structure, local peace and justice ministers are called to speak and act to bring such structures into existence.

D. Request that each fraternity promote and particpate in dialogue and prayer with other church traditions in an attempt to build a unified, ecumenical, local effort for peace and justice.

Goal 4:

Integrate and coordinate the peace and justice efforts of the Secular Franciscan Order with the other branches of the Franciscan Familv in North America.


A. Participate in efforts being made by other branches of the Franciscan Family to create a single Franciscan approach to specific issues involving matters of peace and justice.

B. Supply regular input concerning the peace and justice work going on within the Secular Franciscan community to be shared with other branches of the Franciscan Family through Franciscan International

Goal 5:

Affirm and challenge the Secular brothers and sisters to recognize, understand and embrace peace and justice ministry as an essential element of their Franciscan
evangelical vocation, through the processes of initial and ongoing formation.


A. Enter into a dialogue with the National Director of Formation for the purpose of jointly developing peace and justice materials for use at the provincial, regional and local levels to communicate and explain Chapter II, #15 and #19 of the Rule, and to challenge the brothers and sisters to live out its provisions.

B. Enter into a dialogue with the National Director of Formation to determine how the call to be at the forefront in promoting justice and peace can best be incorporated into ongoing formation.

Goal 6:

Assure that the brothers and sisters are informed of the ways the Franciscan Vision of peace and juscice is being specifically, prophecically, enfleshed by friars, sisters, seculars, and others who are not formally joined to the Franciscan Family, in Canada and around the world.


A. Request that National Commission seek out appropriate information bulletins and inform regional and local representatives to utilize these resources in ongoing formation

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