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Secular Franciscans strive to live their lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as St. Francis of Assisi did in the early 12th century, in simplicity, fraternal love and repentance, with a particular focus on the poor of the world.

The National Fraternity boundaries comprise the boundaries of our great country, Canada, with Regional Fraternities in the West, Central Ontario, Québec and the Eastern Provinces. The local fraternities which make up the Regional Fraternities include brothers and sisters from many walks of life, cultures and language groups.

Becoming a Secular Franciscan requires about two years of formation and a permanent commitment to fraternal life. For more information on the Secular Franciscan way of life, click on the title in the menu above.

2015 National Elective Chapter - "Rediscovering the simplicity of St. Francis"

The National Elective Chapter was held in Loretteville, QC, May 14 to 17, 2015.

There were 48 participants in this Chapter, representing all of the regional fraternities of Canada, including the presence of several Spiritual Assistants of the First Order. The two International Visitors were Ana Fruk, ofs, International Councillor from Zagreb, Croatia and Brother Francis Bongajum Dor, OFM Cap, International Spiritual Assistant.

Brother Francis animated the spiritual conference on the theme described above.


During the Chapter, two resolutions were presented:

  • The first resolution, proposed to remove the election of the Formation Director, replacing it by a appointed position by the National Council. It was decided to table this proposal so that the National Council could make an analysis of the consequences of such a proposal and come back to the Chapter to make a decision.

  • The second resolution proposed and adopted was that the Chapter approved the transfer or transition from being Incorporated by Letters Patent, under which the national corporation has been since 1990, to our proceeding to submit the new charter documents (articles of continuance etc) to obtain a Certificate of Continuance, as well as create and file by-laws which comply with the Not-For-Profit (NFP) Act, to keep our federal registration and acquired rights. To this resolution is also added approval to modify or amend our National Statutes to reflect these changes, and if need be, to define our organization under the name "The Secular Franciscans of Canada."

Action is being undertaken with Corporations Canada to acquire this recognition as a Not-For-Profit Organization (NFP).


At the meetings of the linguistic groups, discussion took place for orientations for the next three years, which are summarized below:

  • The National website have standardized forms on the National Site; models of posters and the logo would help with communications and public relations; site---redesign to make it more attractive; more resources on the website for continuing education;

  • Secular Franciscan Spiritual Assistants: the spiritual assistants of the first Order will present the OFS Spiritual Assistants at a meeting, to allow for better acceptance and integration;

  • Some fraternities need lessons on how to live in fraternity and to discover our Franciscan color;

  • Continue to develop the New Evangelization;

  • For training: keep it simple and enjoyable. We must develop training for our Formation Directors; share resources and communicate more. Use the website for resources; ongoing dialogue.

The International Fraternity (OFS)

Ana Fruk has presented the priorities and orientations of the International Chapter which took place in autumn 2014. You read everything in the minutes of the Chapter that will sent soon to your regions.

The new National Council

You can count on the members of the new National Council to follow up on the work of the previous council and look into the implementation of the orientations and objectives raised by members at the Chapter.

I am very happy, as the new National Minister, relying on a council with great personal values and experiences, to achieve the set objectives.

Peace and Joy
Gilles Métivier ofs, Minister


The National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order in Canada is the organic union of all the local fraternities across the country grouped into regional Fraternities.

The purpose of the National Fraternity is:
  1. To foster communion and cooperation among the fraternities in Canada.

  2. To be a link between the Regional Fraternities and the International Fraternity.

  3. To nurture growth in the Franciscan and ecclesial life of the members.

  4. To make present in the life and mission of the Church the charism of our Seraphic Father.

  5. To provide a forum for discussion of common goals and problems.

  6. To represent Secular Franciscans, at the National level, in their associations with church or civil organizations and to promote mutual relationships with other such organizations where appropriate.

For more information contact the National fraternity of Canada


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT HOAX E-MAIL THAT HAS CIRCULATED IN THE PAST: Dear members of council and regional ministers, There is a hoax e-mail circulating, and you may have received something from an e-mail that looks something like my address, from a John Hyde from Tasmania, asking for money to come to Canada for his sister's funeral. Gilles also received it and informed me of its nature. This was not sent by me, and I strongly recommend that you pass this information on to anyone of your contacts who may have received a similar request and discourage anyone from taking any action.

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